Green Savings

Environmentally Friendly Rewards:

All American Plumbing
says Go Green and Save Green. We
care about our environment and we know our customers do too. We recently launched our new environmentally friendly plumbing program, go green and save green.
 We are now making all of our environmentally friendly plumbing products and services available to our customers at discounted prices. From tankless water heaters to water saving fixtures, faucets and more, our customers are saving money. 

You can now Go Green and Save Green, a whopping 15% discount (a preferred customer service rate). You will receive a 
15% discount off the total cost of all plumbing products and plumbing services related to our  environment. The financial rewards you receive and the positive impact it has on our environment don't stop there. Its a gift to our environment that gives you big savings year after year. The savings you receive on your energy bills and water bills will never stop. Not only are you making a positive contribution to our environment you are saving money while you do it.

All American Plumbing provides you with  environmentally friendly plumbing services. The green movement is becoming a force in the plumbing industry and we are helping lead the way. We highly recommend all our customers consider installing energy efficient water conserving plumbing products when possible .  It will eventually be what we do, not because it is green but because it is right. Being green does not mean that it has to be more expensive.There are both economic and environmental reasons to be Green. Green ideas can be balanced by life cycle cost, reason and need to meet the sustainable challenge.
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