Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting Service: 

All American
Plumbings hydro Jetter is a trailer mounted drain cleaning machine. The trailer carries a 600 gallon water reserve for locations where water is not available. Using specially designed pumps the Jetter produces a pressure of 4000 pounds per square inch at 18 gallons per minute. The Jetter has a 500 foot hose with 3 nozzles designed for penetrating, cutting and cleaning.

All American Plumbings hydro Jetter does the most thorough job of cleaning grease from pipes, pushing non floating debris down the line and cutting roots that a standard cable machine cannot cut. Using the force of the water, the hydro Jetter pushes its way through the piping and can be used on most lines from 3" up to 24" in diameter. For smaller kitchen and laundry lines, we use a mini hydro jet which operates at a lower pressure and less flow rate.

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