Leak Detection


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Leak Detection Service:

All American Plumbing provides you with quality leak detection services. Our plumbers arrive well equipped with the latest tools and leak detection equipment to locate the leaks and make the neccessary repairs as quickly as possible. Our plumber will find the leak, or leaks, as quickly as possible and then determine the best method of repair for your situation. Some repair techniques that may be used are replacing the pipe connection or bad section of pipe, pipelining, pipe bursting or repiping the system. Your plumber will advise you which type of repair is right for your situation depending on where the leak is located and what condition the plumbing around the leak is in. You will get complete price for the job before work begins, so you know exactly what to expect, No Surprises or Disappointments

Water Leak Detection:

When subsurface pressurized pipelines leak the pipe vibrates as a result of the pressurized water being released. These vibrations are transmitted through the ground to the surface where they can be detected as ground noise.We will pinpoint the source of the leak with our Electro-acoustic water leak detection equipment by identifying the general source of the leak with a test rod and then locate its exact position with our ground microphone. This method is commonly used for locating interior and exterior water leaks. Other methods are used when necessary.

Gas Leak Detection:

Gas leaks are notoriously difficult to track down but with our level of expertise and our ever growing arsenal of state-of-the-art leak detection equipment we can find even the tiniest of leaks in the most complex of cases. What we do is basically drain your existing gas system and flush it with an inert gas. We then use our inert gas sensors to detect precisely where the gas leak is in your gas pipes.
 Our leak detection services are as non invasive as possible and our plumbers work in the most efficient manner possible to detect and correct any leaks on your property.