Copper Repiping

Repiping Services:

All American Plumbing will provide you with a top quality, code compliant, water distribution system, installation. Are you thinking it might be time to repipe your Building or Business? Eventually all plumbing systems start to break down and present problems. Copper pipes will develop pinhole leaks from corrosion, old galvanized pipes can rust from the inside out. One slab leak can easily turn into many others. A newly repiped building is a bit more of an investment upfront but will save much time and money in the future.

Repiping Options:

Copper has been used for years and has been improved along the way. The solder we use to connect the pipes is now made without lead so it is safer than in the past. Copper is not going to become brittle over the years and is strong enough to withstand all the demands placed on your water distribution system.

PEX Pipe is another material used for water pipes and brings has many benefits. Most notably, it is much less expensive and a lot less work to install. It also won’t rust out or develop pinholes. The material of the existing pipes does not determine what you can choose for the repipe All American Plumbing will give you  all of the options so you can decide the most appropriate route for your situation.

Who Should You Hire?

It is very important to choose a highly qualified plumbing contractor for repipe projects. The company needs to stand by their work with a warranty and provide you with a top quality installation. For more information and a free consultation contact our office today.

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