Residential Service

 Residential Service Agreements

Discounted Pricing:

All American Plumbing's service agreements are one of our way's of rewarding our loyal customers. Service agreement customers receive discounted pricing on every plumbing product and service they need. From water heaters to garbage disposals and everything else in between they receive discounted prices. They also receive the benefit of having an established relationship with a company they know and can depend on.

Priority Dispatching:

Our service agreement customers also receive priority dispatching over non-service agreement customers. So when you have the unfortunate experience of having a plumbing emergency and need service now we will have a plumber you already know and trust to your door in less than one hour.
We guarantee it. 

Free Annual Inspections:

All American Plumbing provides you with free annual safety inspections. Even if your plumbing system isn't acting up, it still might be costing you money you don't need to be spending. With our free annual inspection, we drop by once a year and check the plumbing system to make sure everything is running in a safe and efficient manner. Every kilowatt or gallon of water you save helps the environment and saves you money.

Accurate Records:

When you need service for your home, you want someone you can count on, someone who is familiar with the equipment and knows exactly what to do when they get there. Our sservice agreement program does just that. When you sign on to our program we inspect and record the make and model of the fixtures and equipment in the home. So
when you call for service, we know exactly what fixtures and equipment you have in your home and the materials they require.

    24 Hour Service 1 (800) 787-4148

      24 Hour Service 1 (800) 787-4148