Safety Inspections

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                                We Give You Free Annual Safety Inspections

Once a year at no charge to you we dispatch one of our plumbers (a Certified Service Technician) to your home to complete a thorough safety inspection of your plumbing system. The scheduled safety inspection and service of your plumbing system includes all connected faucets; fixtures, piping and appliances, FREE Of Charge. The complete list includes up to 100 different items, a $200 value alone!     

Here’s a peek at just a few .... 

  • All of your toilets are tested for leaks and efficient operation. Any needed adjustments are Free of charge!
  • All of your faucets  must pass a rigid “Performance Test”. If they don’t, they’ll be adjusted Free of charge!
  • All of your exposed water lines are leak tested and inspected  for any sign of damage. For your safety.
  • All piping under your bathroom and kitchen sinks are leak tested and inspected for any sign of damage.
  • All drainage lines above and below sinks are leak tested. Point of use clogs are cleared Free of charge! 
  • Your washing machine hoses and valves are thoroughly inspected and tested for leaks. Free of charge!
  • Your water heater is thoroughly inspected for any water leaks or carbon monoxide leaks. For your safety.
  • Any questions or concerns you have regarding your plumbing system will be answered and addressed.

Our skilled Plumbers know their business. Rely on them and our reputation to give you fast and dependable service. Our annual safety inspections prolong the life of expensive appliances like water heaters and reduce unwanted emergency service repairs by performing basic annual maintenance. Water heaters are often a major cause of water damage. Keeping this piece of equipment in top shape guarantees peace of mind and provides a significant cost savings to you in the long run. Manufacturers state that the leading cause of water heater and fixture failure is due to lack of maintenance. 

During your annual safety inspections we also provide you with the basic annual maintenance your plumbing system needs. Potential problems are detected and corrected before they cause major damage to your home and you have peace of mind knowing your plumbing system is always operating safely and efficiently.
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