Sewer Service

Drain Line Service:

All American Plumbing provides quality drain clearing services. For clearing smaller drain lines such as tubs, sinks, showers, water fountains, condensate lines and other drain lines less than 2" in diameter the preferred method is using a 5/16" metal drain cable. The smaller cables can negotiate tight turns and small p-traps. This smaller cable generally can only run up to 25 feet and have still enough torque to handle a blockage. For clearing interior drain lines less than 4" in diameter the preferred method is to use a 3/8" or a 1/2" metal drain cable. These cable are stiffer and can go up to 75 feet and still have enough torque to handle a blockage.

Sewer Line Service:

For a main line blockage in a 4" or 6" pipe the preferred cable of choice is a 3/4" inner core cable. These
metal cables are heavy duty and are able to go distances of up to 150 feet. The cables are very stiff and cannot go through too many bends. These cables are capable of cutting through small roots and also capable of retrieving debris from the line. This cable is our most popular cable for handling nearly all residential and commercial main  line blockages.

Video Inspection Service:

All American Plumbing can also provide you with a video camera inspection service  to determine the interior condition of the pipe that requires service.  We use this equipment to determine the cause of the blockage and condition of the line. The camera provides you with a visual image of the line and can pin point the exact location of the problem. A locator beacon called a “sonde” which is in the camera head tells us exactly where the problem is located and at
what depth. Using our frequency locator we can also locate the exact position of the line from  where it begins to where it ends if neccessary.

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